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Lose your Florida product liability case by failing to take these actions

Faulty and defective products result in injuries to thousands of people every year. Manufacturers too often produce substandard or unsafe products in an effort to increase profits at the consumer's expense.

Products liability law is based on the responsibility of a manufacturer or seller (whether wholesaler or retailer) or other provider of goods or products to compensate users of the goods or products for injuries caused by defective or dangerous products that it places "into the stream of commerce" by selling them to the public or others. Almost anything can be a defective product: air bags, seat belts, tires, car seats, faulty wiring, defective medical devices, food, snow blowers, lawn mowers, power tools, grills, stoves, propane appliances, space heaters, ladders, etc.

Injured parties may bring a claim against the manufacturer and seller of the product to compensate for financial losses and pain & sufering.

Mallard Law Firm is experienced in providing representation for these types of cases, including investigative-based litigation. The time frame in which to pursue such claims in limited and varies depending on the type of personal injury claim being made. Therefore, you should seek the advice of an attorney about the merit of your case as soon as possible.

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