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What should I know about my rights when involved in an out-of-state motorcycle crash?




Although it may seem overwhelming to be involved in a motorcycle accident while visiting Sarasota, it is not that rare. In fact, Florida is one of the top travel destinations in this country, attracting millions of tourists every year. Unfortunately, many people from out-of-state are involved in traffic crashes while vacationing in the Sunshine State.

While many people may assume that as a tourist you may be at fault for the accident as a result of taking in the sights or not being familiar with the roads, this is not always the case. Many drivers in this state fail to look out for motorcycles and share the road with them. If your motorcycle crash was the result of another driver’s negligence, you have the same legal rights to a financial recovery as Florida residents do. 

In order to collect your full compensation, it is best to seek medical treatment and hire a personal injury lawyer who will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. While you may just want to put the crash behind you and return to your vacation, don’t be tempted to accept the insurance adjuster’s first offer. You might not even know the extent of your injuries at this point, which will affect the value of your injury claim.

To learn more about your rights to obtain compensation for your property damages, medical bills, additional travel expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, disabilities, and other damages, contact us for a free consultation today or order a free copy of our book, What You Need to Know After a Florida Auto, Truck, or Bike Accident.

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