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A dog caused me to crash on my bicycle. Is the owner of the dog responsible for my medical bills?



It depends. In certain counties and cities in Florida, there are leash laws in place. If your bicycle crash occurred in a county where no ordinance like this exists, then you may not be able to make a financial recovery. However, if the bicycle accident took place in an area with such a law, like Sarasota County, then you most likely should be able to hold the dog’s owner liable for your injuries and damages.

Leash laws are in place to protect everyone, including bicyclists. Because dogs that roam freely can act as road hazards—causing cars and cyclists alike to stop suddenly, swerve, and crash—those injured as a result are allowed to pursue financial compensation against the pet’s owner.

Additionally, if a dog off of a leash mauls and attacks a bicyclist or pedestrian, the injured victim can hold the negligent owner of the dog liable for bodily injury and other damages. In fact, victims of dog-related bicycle accidents in Sarasota County may be able to pursue financial recoveries for their medical bills, lost income, rehabilitation, physical therapy, pain, suffering, disfigurement, loss of the enjoyment of life, and other damages.

If you suffered injuries and damages in a Sarasota bicycle crash as a result of a dog, you need to seek legal advice. Contact the Mallard Law Firm to speak with a skilled Sarasota bicycle accident attorney in a free initial consultation. Dial 888-409-3805 today to get your questions answered and find out if you have a valid legal case.

Damian Mallard, Esq.
Board Certified Sarasota Personal Injury Attorney